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Upgraded version of the GSM Gate Opener RTU5015

Dear King Pigeon customers,

Were glad to inform you that we upgraded the GSM Gate Opener, the details are below, we will use the new version from 18th, Aug, 2010.


Upgraded Version: Ver1.3Date: 2010-08-18:  

1. Added Reset Function; 2. Added Authorized Number setup example; 3. Modified the GSM LED status for the 1.3 Version;

4. Corrected some Return SMS Texts, therere:

Ver1.2 Return SMS Text

V1.3 Return SMS Text

The door is opening in the / The door is closing in the

The relay is ON / The Relay is OFF

Enter the command error , please re-operation

Command error,  please re send command

Disable Alarm  /  Enable Alarm

Alarm Inputs Disabled  /  Alarm Inputs Enabled

Door Open Retrun SMS / Door Open Not Retrun SMS

Relay action return SMS ON / Relay action return SMS OFF


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