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King Pigeon HongKong Asiaworld-Expo Exhitbions Invitation
Welcome your visiting for HongKong Asiaworld-Expo Exhitbions!
Booth: 2L13,   Date:April 11~14,2016
Exhitbion Details:

1. Wifi Camara Alarm with GSM/GPRS/3G/SMS products;(Innovation in the market till now!)

2. GSM Home Alarm System with dial to Armed/Disarmed and open gate automatically, K9

3. GSM Community Alarm System with Notify neighbours once alarm, K8

4. PSTN to GSM/GPRS/SMS Converter K5 (CID Protocol to SIA IP Protocol)

5. GSM/GPRS/3G Senior Monitoring Alarm: T2/K4/K1

6. GSM/GPRS/3G Senior Telehealth Unit: T3/T4

7. GSM Gate Opener with authorized phone numbers call to open gate.RTU5024

8. GSM Automation Controller: S27x

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