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GSM 3G Telecare Box T2 Released!

GPRS 3G Telecare Box is an innovation solution of telecare that special for the senior, elderly, aged people who live independently.

The GPRS 3G Telecare Box can be used as safety protection, temperature monitoring, action monitoring, bedtime monitoring, fall alarm and emergency call system, away stay home monitoring and normal telephone.

It equips 8 quickly dial buttons, which can paste large photo on the buttons, these buttons can be used as Police, Relatives, Taxi, Fire, Doctor, Neighbor or others for quickly dial out. Just Press then can dial out, so easy!

Also, it equips large dial keyboards, the elderly can dial any other phones if request.

The GPRS 3G Telecare Box also can be used as a telecare system, it can report the elderly daily actions. Includes elderly away/back home time, remind to take medicine, go to sleep and get up time, if not get up in time then can generate alarm over GSM or GPRS or 3G or dial the preset numbers.

Moreover, it can be used as a GSM Alarm system. it supports wireless SOS button, wireless fall detectors, wireless carbon monoxide detector, wireless gas leakage detector, wireless water leakage detector, wireless smoke detector, wireless motion detectors and so on. Once the wireless detectors activated, it will generate alarm over SMS or GPRS or 3G or dial out immediately. All of these wireless detectors can provide the safety protections to the senior, elderly, aged people who live independently.

The GPRS 3G Telecare Box also inbuilt one sensitive thermometer, it can measure the home temperature.

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