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Wireless Intruder Alarm Standards

Wireless Intruder Alarm Standards
UL1023:2004: Safety Household Burglar-Alarm System Units
UL 985 :2004: Household Fire Warning System Units.
UL1635: Digital Alarm Communicator System Units.
EN 55022:1998: Emission Standard for information Technology Equipment.
EN 50024:1998: Immunity Standard for Information Technology Equipment.
EN 50130-4:1996:Immunity Standard for Fire, Intruder and Social Alarm Systems.
EN 60950:2000: Safety of information technology equipment.
EN 50131-1: 2004: Intrusion Systems General Requirements-Security Grade 2, Environment Class II.
PD 6662:2004: Scheme for the application of European Standards for intruder alarm systems.
DD 243:2004:Installation and configuration of intruder alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarm conditions-code of practice.
EN 300220: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and Radio Spectrum Matters (ERM); Short Range Devices (SRD); Radio equipment to be used in the 25 MHz to 1 000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 Mw.
ETS 300683: Radio equipment and systems (RES) – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard for Short Range Devices (SRD) operating on frequencies between 9 kHz and 25 GHz.
EN 50136-2-1: Alarm systems. Alarm transmission systems and equipment. General requirements for alarm transmission equipment.
TBR 21: European Telecommunications Standards Institute.
GB 12663-2001: 防盗报警控制器通用技术条件。
GB/T 15211-1994: 报警系统环境试验.。
GB/T 15408-1994: 报警系统电源装置、测试方法和性能规范。
GB/T 16571-1996: 文物系统博物馆安全防范工程设计规范 。
GB/T 16572-1996: 防盗报警中心控制台。
GB/T 16676-1996: 银行营业场所安全防范工程设计规范。
GB 16796-1997: 安全防范报警设备 安全要求和试验方法。
GB 50348-2004: 安全防范工程技术规范。

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